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Thing 10 – Wikimedia

This was a very interesting section. Wikipedia was one of the first sites I encountered when I was younger and it has grown in repute to the status it has now. Despite this, I’d never previously created an account, never feeling like it was the right ‘place’ for me. Reading the statistics on its userbaseContinue reading “Thing 10 – Wikimedia”

Thing 9 – Google Hangout

Platforms such as google hangout will be of great importance in a professional setting going forward in the coming years. Google hangout skype, and any other video messaging platform ticks so many boxes regarding topical issues. They are a means by which people can connect virtually and, as a result, reduce the carbon footprint ofContinue reading “Thing 9 – Google Hangout”

Thing 8 – Facebook

In all honesty, I am not a fan of Facebook. It is a far less curated platform than Instagram, Twitter or Tiktok and I dislike the way in which it operates both visually and politically. To me, and many of my peers, it is a dying platform. This being said, it can be useful forContinue reading “Thing 8 – Facebook”

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Like this image of a very serene lake, I too am heading out into the wilderness of digital proficiency and productivity with my online course. I’m hoping to learn as many new skills as possible and soak up whatever this course can offer me.

As a part of Gen Z, I think there is an expectation to be completely fluent in all things digital but my skillset does feel somewhat limited to Microsoft Office. I’m hoping that through this course, I’ll be able to learn a variety of new things and start to become a fully functioning human in an online world.

I had been somewhat aware of the university’s guidelines on digital interactions but only in pretty vague terms. Having the chance to read up on these properly was very interesting. As this is not something that is directly involved in my role, it was interesting to note how they impact different aspects of the business; not only for staff but the wider community too.

I’m looking forward to seeing how I develop from this foundation and what the next 21 things will teach me on this course.


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