Thing 10 – Wikimedia

This was a very interesting section. Wikipedia was one of the first sites I encountered when I was younger and it has grown in repute to the status it has now. Despite this, I’d never previously created an account, never feeling like it was the right ‘place’ for me.

Reading the statistics on its userbase confirmed much of my previous assumptions of it being a bit of a ‘boy’s club’. This is something which truly ought to change as information should not be something which is biased in any manner, whether gender, race, ability etc. learning to engage with it in an active way allowed me to realise its full potential; that information can be improved through the contribution of others.

That being said, I’m sure that this can allow for some misinformation to spread as bias permeates articles. I am interested to see the ways in which my own active engagement with this site will develop as I learn more about it.

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