Thing 5 – Diversity

It’s strange to think that with a variety of new ways in which to communicate, racial inequality is still something that cannot be escaped. When emojis were initially designed, their lack of diversity was most likely not something that was questioned and this in itself shows the inherent racism in our society. White is so often considered the default that it is rarely questioned in development stages; only when the public begin to consume it do the questions of diversity, or lack thereof, finally begin to be recognised.

This instance reminded me of when a well known pen company decided that they would release a range of pens for women. The only difference they employed with these ‘women-friendly’ pens was their colour being pink. It was clear that this decision had not been made with the consultation of women and its media portrayal was ludicrously sexist as a result. If you are to create a product that applies to any demographic, here’s a top tip: talk to them before you make the decision

Too often are minority groups ignored in corporate decisions and the articles for this section made clear that there is still a long way to go before this is fully addressed.

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