Thing 7 – Twitter

I’ve had a twitter account since I was still in school. My use of it then was primarily for pleasure; seeing what my friends were talking about and using it as another platform to keep in touch with people. As I got older, I mainly used this platform for accessing social commentary on topical subjects or finding memes to share with friends. Twitter has been a constant since my adolescence and seeing how it could be used in a vocational setting seems like a logical next step.

It was interesting to read up on how Twitter can allow you to connect in your professional life. This wasn’t something I’d previously considered. I think it will allow for a much more meaningful engagement with others in my field as it lacks the formality of an email and is a platform which I’m far more familiar with than others that I use within an office setting. Using social media professionally feels more natural to me than other platforms and I’m looking forward to employing the lists in my own twitter usage.

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