Thing 8 – Facebook

In all honesty, I am not a fan of Facebook. It is a far less curated platform than Instagram, Twitter or Tiktok and I dislike the way in which it operates both visually and politically. To me, and many of my peers, it is a dying platform.

This being said, it can be useful for connecting with a variety of people. Most people over the age of 20 tend to have an account which could make it useful for connecting within a professional environment. I have had use Facebook groups in the past and have been included in them for a variety of projects that I worked on in university. They were useful but I don’t believe any more so than, for example, a WhatsApp group chat.

This exercise did show me Facebook’s functional settings but I do not think it will be very popular in future. There are now better platforms for doing the same things in a more efficient manner. Furthermore, there are far fewer of Gen Z that use the platform compared to other social media. I think moving forward Facebook may become an obsolete social media unless it garners more popularity amongst younger generations.

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