Thing 10 – Wikimedia

This was a very interesting section. Wikipedia was one of the first sites I encountered when I was younger and it has grown in repute to the status it has now. Despite this, I’d never previously created an account, never feeling like it was the right ‘place’ for me. Reading the statistics on its userbaseContinue reading “Thing 10 – Wikimedia”

Thing 9 – Google Hangout

Platforms such as google hangout will be of great importance in a professional setting going forward in the coming years. Google hangout skype, and any other video messaging platform ticks so many boxes regarding topical issues. They are a means by which people can connect virtually and, as a result, reduce the carbon footprint ofContinue reading “Thing 9 – Google Hangout”

Thing 7 – Twitter

I’ve had a twitter account since I was still in school. My use of it then was primarily for pleasure; seeing what my friends were talking about and using it as another platform to keep in touch with people. As I got older, I mainly used this platform for accessing social commentary on topical subjectsContinue reading “Thing 7 – Twitter”

Thing 6

Design can either make or break online content, specifically when it comes to those with additional needs. When design is inclusive, it can revolutionise the experience of those who may feel excluded from a digital world. When online design factors in groups who may feel marginalised in this arena, a website can engage a wholeContinue reading “Thing 6”

Thing 5 – Diversity

It’s strange to think that with a variety of new ways in which to communicate, racial inequality is still something that cannot be escaped. When emojis were initially designed, their lack of diversity was most likely not something that was questioned and this in itself shows the inherent racism in our society. White is soContinue reading “Thing 5 – Diversity”


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